Way to Get a New Life with Bamlot

Business people who have uncovered the Bamlot initiative guarantee the winnings of all winners who are eligible to participate in the raffle by accepting the articles that bind them in the contract of this project and the raffle contract.

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What is Bamlot

Bamlot is a raffle system established in Switzerland and designed by a group of entrepreneurs. With the right to a draw purchased for a very small amount, they will be able to win a house in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in a ready-to-use manner.

Bamlot is a system based on the termination of the total number of tickets of the raffle coupon sold for $1 and the disclosure of the winner and the delivery of the prize with the raffle to be held on the date of the raffle specified by the firm.


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Each lucky candidate who wants to participate in the draw for $1 installs Bitcoin (BTC) or any of the other altcoins that the firm will determine in the wallets specified in the system, identifying the raffle coupon to the lucky one who only has a serial number that belongs to him. In this way, if the lucky winner wins the award, he does not face a recurring situation.